2022 Benson Scholarship winner holds mastery of storytelling


Kim Mayorga, senior at Eagle Valley High School, is the 2022 Eric Benson Scholarship winner. This is a one-time $2000 scholarship funded by Sue and Bruce Benson in honor of their son.

Judges were impressed by Mayorga’s mastery of storytelling, as seen in her portfolio.

“She excels at tackling challenging and complicated topics with insight and compassion in all of the segments that she submitted with her portfolio,” said one judge. “Kim also included in her portfolio the ideas that spurred the stories she created, what she learned from them, how they challenged her to elevate and expand her skills, and her roles as a creator and a leader in the production process and within the broadcast journalism program.”

According to another judge, Mayorga had “breadth of coverage topics and depth in her reporting” that allowed her work to shine.