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Administrator of the Year

CSMA Administrator of the Year

All nominations for this award must be made using this online Administrator of the Year nomination form. The initial nominator MAY upload a letter of support, but that is optional. The nomination deadline is June 30.

Nominated administrators will be contacted with specific questions and a request for a portrait, etc. They will also be asked to upload additional support letters.

Since 1994 the Colorado Student Media Association has awarded one administrator each year. Recipients are outstanding administrators who are honored for their encouragement of journalism education within their school or district. The award is presented annually at the CSMA state conference each fall. You may find a complete list of past honorees here.

1. Support of Journalism Education

  • Provides curricular leadership that places journalism/mass media classes within credit offerings in the language arts program.
  • Supports journalism/mass media classes by hiring and supporting qualified teachers in those areas.
  • Provides resources necessary to maintain quality journalism and mass media classes – equipment, physical facilities, texts and other materials, to encourage student journalists’ academic and personal growth.

2.Support of School Publications/Media

  • Provides a qualified adviser who coordinates students to work on school newspapers, news magazines, yearbooks and/or other media.
  • Follows guidelines consistent with the First Amendment to the Constitution and Colorado law regarding students’ right to freedom of expression.
  • Provides physical facilities, equipment and budgets to assure the maintenance and growth of successful school media outlets.

3. Active contribution to education in general

  • Acknowledged for outstanding educational/administrative leadership.
  • Affiliated with local, state and/or national educational organizations.

Note: The candidate must be an active administrator at the time of the nomination.