All-Colorado History of Awards

A quick recap
The All-Colorado Awards grow from our All-Colorado Critique service, which began in the summer of 2011 (the first website critiques were offered in 2012). Printed materials are mailed to judges across the country, and links are shared for websites and video. The critique cost is included in CSMA membership.

Judges are asked to assign an overall rating to each medium judged, and school size or classification are not considered. The theory is that the standards are the standards, and that any size school can reach those standards.

The top rating is All-Colorado, with the Award of Commendation being given the next tier of entries, and the Award of Merit assigned to the third tier. Every student medium that enters receives an award certificate, with the distribution during the J-Day awards ceremony each fall.

Award history
Here is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that lists all critique ratings through 2018, sorted by school. You will find four tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet, corresponding to each of the four media critiqued: printed news publication, yearbook, video broadcast, and website.


Colorado Student Media Association
All-Colorado History of Awards