All-Colorado History of Awards

A quick recap
The All-Colorado Awards grow from our All-Colorado Critique service, which began in the summer of 2011 (the first website critiques were offered in 2012). Printed materials are mailed to judges across the country, and links are shared for online (including hybrid) and video. The critique cost is included in CSMA membership.

Judges are asked to assign an overall rating to each medium judged, and school size or classification are not considered. The theory is that the standards are the standards, and that any size school can reach those standards.

The top rating is All-Colorado, with the Award of Commendation being given the next tier of entries, and the Award of Merit assigned to the third tier. Every student medium that enters receives an award certificate, with the distribution during the J-Day awards ceremony each fall.

2022 Awards

Grandview High School GVTV Broadcast Merit
Castle View High School CVTV Broadcast Commendation
Coronado High School KUGR-TV Broadcast Commendation
Englewood High School PirateTV Broadcast Commendation
Cherokee Trail High School CTTV Broadcast Commendation
Regis Jesuit High School RJTV & Raider Sports Network Broadcast All-Colorado
Monarch High School KYOT Broadcast All-Colorado
Rampart High School KRAM Broadcast All-Colorado
Palmer Ridge High School The Bear Truth Hybrid Merit
Aspen High School The Skier Scribbler Hybrid Commendation
Rock Canyon High School The Rock/RockMedia online Hybrid Commendation
Lewis-Palmer High School Ranger Review Online Merit
Arapahoe High School ArapahoeXtra.com Online Merit
Berthoud High School The Maroon Tribune Online Merit
Grand Junction High School Orange & Black Online Online Merit
Eaglecrest High School Nest Network Online Merit
Grandview High School The Grandview Chronicle Online Commendation
Monarch High School mohimix.com Online Commendation
Conifer High School CHS Today Online Commendation
Manitou Springs High School The Prospector Online Commendation
Cherokee Trail High School CTHSTODAY.org Online Commendation
Cheyenne Mountain High School The Mountain News Online Commendation
Dakota Ridge High School The Cord News Online Commendation
Littleton High School Lions’ Roar Now Online Commendation
Pine Creek High School Talon Media Online Commendation
Englewood High School www.thepirateer.com Online All-Colorado
Mead High School The Mav Student News Online All-Colorado
Englewood High School The Pirateer Print Merit
Castle View High School The View Print Commendation
Grand Junction High School Orange and Black Print Commendation
Arapahoe High School The Arapahoe Herald Print Commendation
Monarch High School The Mix Print All-Colorado
Conifer High School CHSToday Print All-Colorado
Regis Jesuit High School Elevate Magazine Print All-Colorado
Chatfield Senior High School Encore Yearbook Yearbook Merit
Denver South High School Denver South Yearbook Yearbook Merit
Grand Junction High School Tiger Yearbook Yearbook Merit
Grandview High School The View Yearbook Yearbook Merit
Mesa Ridge High School Pieces of a Whole Yearbook Merit
Skyline High School Skyline Wingspread Yearbook Merit
Arvada High School Arvadan Yearbook Commendation
Aspen High School Silver Queen Yearbook Yearbook Commendation
Castle View High School Vieo Yearbook All-Colorado
Cherokee Trail High School The Legend Yearbook Commendation
Conifer High School Canis Lupus Yearbook Commendation
Eaton High School Our Legacy Yearbook Commendation
Elizabeth High School The Relic Yearbook Commendation
Fairview High School The Lance Yearbook Yearbook Commendation
Janitell Junior High Uproar Yearbook Commendation
Littleton High School Cor Lionis Yearbook Commendation
Manitou Springs High School Warhorse Yearbook Commendation
Mountain Vista High School Aerie Yearbook Commendation
Standley Lake High School The Shoreline Yearbook Yearbook Commendation
Vista Ridge High School Ridgeline Yearbook Yearbook Commendation
Arapahoe High School The Calumet Yearbook Yearbook All-Colorado
Brighton High School Reflections Yearbook All-Colorado
Cimarron Middle School Our Tale Yearbook All-Colorado
Drake Middle School Lair Yearbook All-Colorado
Euclid Middle School Elements Yearbook All-Colorado
Longmont High School Priam Yearbook All-Colorado
Odyssey The Flame Yearbook All-Colorado
Overland High School Trail Yearbook All-Colorado
Palmer Ridge High School Epilogue Yearbook All-Colorado
Pine Creek High School Talon Yearbook All-Colorado
Powell Middle School The Prowl Yearbook All-Colorado
Rampart High School Rampages Yearbook All-Colorado
Ranch View Middle School Paw Prints Yearbook All-Colorado
Regis Jesuit High School Concordia Yearbook Yearbook All-Colorado
Rock Canyon High School Black & Gold Yearbook All-Colorado
Stargate Middle School Soar Yearbook All-Colorado
Monarch High School Mosaic Yearbook All-Colorado



Award History
All-Colorado History that lists all critique ratings through 2022, sorted by medium and school. You will find five tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet, corresponding to each of the four media critiqued: printed news publication, yearbook, video broadcast, online-only, and hybrid.


CSMA Hall of Fame members – through 2022

Media are inducted into the Hall of Fame upon earning an All-Colorado rating in our annual critiques for 6 of 7 consecutive years. The Hall of Fame was established in 2017, and the critiques began in 2011 (websites/online only in 2012, hybrid news in 2019).

Print News Publications
Fort Collins HS, Spilled Ink (2017)
Mountain Vista HS, The Eagle Eye (2017)
Rocky Mountain HS, The Rocky Mountain Highlighter (2017)
Standley Lake HS, The Lake (2017)

Video Broadcast
Academy School District 20, 20TV (2017)
Rampart High School, KRAM (2021)

Arapahoe HS, Calumet (2017)
Brighton HS, Reflections (2017)
Castle View HS, Vieo (2017)
Chaparral HS, Golden Images (2020)
Legend HS, Epic (2017)
Lewis-Palmer HS, Westwind (2017)
Longmont HS, Priam (2022)
Overland HS, Trail (2017)
Ponderosa HS, Eques (2018)
Powell MS, The Prowl (2017)
Longmont HS, Priam (2022)
Rock Canyon HS, The Black & Gold (2017)
Rocky Heights MS, The Nighthawk (2019)
Sierra MS, Eagle Eye View (2017)
Smoky Hill HS, Summit (2017)


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All-Colorado History of Awards