Dorothy Greer Scholarship

Dorothy Greer Scholarship

Dorothy D. Greer co-founded the Colorado High School Press Association in 1970, and served as volunteer executive secretary until 1989. CHSPA directors then named her executive secretary emeritus. While serving as executive secretary, she was instrumental in establishing most of CHSPA’s major activities, including the newspaper and yearbook contests, the student scholarship, and the Teacher of the Year award. Mrs. Greer passed away March 9, 2004 in Estes Park. She was 104 years old. Her many accomplishments included being named the National Journalism Teacher of the Year in 1962, and designated in March 1974 as one of the 12 highest contributors to the field of Scholastic Journalism over the past 50 years. Each year CSMA, the current name of CHSPA, awards a scholarship in her name (plus a runner-up) to a graduating high school senior who demonstrates exceptional journalistic abilities.

The winner represents Colorado as a JEA National High School Journalist of the Year nominee. The JEA Journalist of the Year is eligible to win an additional scholarship. Additional portfolio work may be required to meet JEA Journalist of the Year requirements.

CSMA uses the Journalism Education Association rules and requirements for all Greer applications. It is highly recommended that potential applicants go here to see general comments on the national award and to find links to a variety of advice on how to prepare your online portfolio.

The Dorothy Greer Scholarship opportunity is offered to any Colorado high school senior who works on at least one publication with current membership in CSMA. It is a one-time award of $3,000. The scholarship must be claimed within two years of graduating from high school or it is forfeited.

A runner-up scholarship winner is usually announced, and that student receives a one-time award of $1,500.

Eligibility for the Greer Scholarship: Any Colorado high school senior who has worked on at least one of the following: yearbook, broadcast, video media, Web or newspaper/newsmagazine for at least two years. At least one medium worked on must be a CSMA member, and the adviser must be a JEA member (which is a requirement of the national competition). Advisers are allowed to become JEA members after their student is announced as a first-place winner. The applicant must plan to attend a junior college, college or university. Breadth of experience is important as well as depth. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or better.

All applicants must use this online application form, which will prompt you for required transcripts, portfolio links, personal essays, etc.

Don’t forget that the deadline for this scholarship is February 15. Good luck!

Past Winners

Dorothy Greer Scholarship Winners
2023 Katie Fisher, Grandview HS (check out her winning portfolio here)
2022 Kira Zizzo, Rock Canyon HS (check out her winning portfolio here)
2021  Carter Josef, Eagle Valley HS (check out his winning portfolio here)
2020  Jivan West, Fairview HS (check out his winning portfolio here)
2019  Taylore Todd, Castle View HS (check out her winning portfolio here)
2018  Lauren Irwin, Mountain Vista HS (check out her winning portfolio here)
2017  Esteban Arellano, Standley Lake HS (check out his winning portfolio here)
2016  Katie Pickrell, Mountain Vista HS (Check out her winning portfolio here.)
2015  Gabe Rodriguez, Mountain Vista HS (See our post on all the winners here.)
2014  Taylor Blatchford, Mountain Vista HS (national winner / check out her online portfolio)
2013  Joanie Lyons, Mountain Vista HS
2012  Cassa Niedringhaus, Rocky Mountain HS
2011  Tess Halac, Rocky Mountain HS
2010  Marcela Palefsky, Montrose HS
2009  Kristen Scheirman, Rock Canyon HS
2008  Susie Typher, Rock Canyon HS
2007  Young Lim, Smoky Hill HS
2006  Valeria Hisam, Rocky Mountain HS
2005  Christopher Newton, Grand Junction HS
2004  Marcy Miranda, Englewood HS
2003  Marisa Beahm, Rocky Mountain HS
2002  Megan Fromm, Grand Junction HS
2001  Jessie Ann Shay, Rocky Mountain HS
2000  Bradley Schallert, Englewood HS
1999  J.J. Babb, Rocky Mountain HS
1998  J.K. Melton, WheatRidge HS
1997  Maranda McElvain, Ellicott HS
1996  Codi D. Shafer, Fort Collins HS
1995  Robert Espinoza, Pueblo South HS
1994  Reagen G. Blewett, Standley Lake HS
1993  Brian Cooper, Rangeview HS
1992  Eli Houck, Glenwood Springs HS
1991  Daniel Tregembo, Denver East HS
1990  Sherrie Lotito,  Ponderosa HS
1988  Laurie Lattimore, Rocky Mountain HS

1984  Denn Kempfer, Broomfield HS
1983  Elizabeth Sharp, Rampart HS
1982  Shane Fitzgerald, Kennedy HS
1981  Glenda Etheridge, Brighton HS
1980  Lori Clements, Kennedy HS
1979  Susan Raine, Fort Morgan HS
1978  Scott Graham, Durango HS
1977  Jill Hall, Alameda HS
1976  Diane Kiffin, Green Mountain HS
1975  Grant Arnold, Broomfield HS

& Ricardo Baca, Westminster HS
& Jennifer Jones, Fairview HS
& Monika Johnson, Durango HS
& Kristen Runco, Ponderosa HS
& Christopher Peters, Rocky Mtn HS

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Dorothy Greer Scholarship