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Why join the Colorado Student Media Association? What do we get for our annual membership dues?

Check out this four-page handout from February, 2019 for some answers.


To download a PDF of our Constitution and By-Laws, last revised in April 2017, click here.

Our goals (as stated in Article II of the CSMA Constitution) are to: encourage interest in journalism through participation in school publications, raise the standards of school publications, encourage the recognition of journalism as an important course of study – particularly as it reflects the ability of students to use the mass media in understanding their role as media consumers and citizens,

CSMA also desires to: encourage school publications to accept responsibility as a vital means of communication in the school community, foster students’ interest in print, broadcast, and multi-media journalism, encourage students to communicate accurately, concisely, ethically, aesthetically, and responsibly, encourage knowledge of and appreciation for the rights and responsibilities stated in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and in Colorado state law, encourage students to exercise their legal rights and uphold their ethical responsibilities as student journalists, and provide support for and encourage the professional growth of advisers.

Founded in 1970, the Colorado Student Media Association, formerly the Colorado High School Press Association, has been housed in adviser homes, as well as the University of Colorado – Boulder and Colorado State University, and is now is associated with the Department of Journalism and Media Communication at CSU. The current office for CSMA is in the home of the executive director.


Dorothy Greer was CHSPA Executive Secretary from 1970-1989

Executive Directors
Don Ridgway  1989 – May, 1996
Barbara Plungy  May, 1996 – July 2001
Dianne Gum  August, 2001 – July 2003
Jeff Browne  August, 2003 – December, 2004
Kim Blumhardt  January, 2005 – July, 2007
Clarissa Crozier  August, 2007 – June 30, 2010
Jack Kennedy  July 1, 2010 –

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