Jack Kennedy, MJE, has a habit of gathering interesting online articles, downloading the text, and then placing them in documents that allow for some commentary space in the “rails,” as he calls them. Feel free to browse, download your own copy, read Jack’s commentaries, write your own… you get the idea. He likes to riff off what the professionals write and he can’t quite get over being an adviser and writing teacher (and he hopes he never will).

This first article was sparked by a fine Sports Illustrated piece, written during the hey day of the Golden State Warriors. It’s about basketball and coaching… but it’s really about leadership and organization and about being the journalism “coach” at your school.

Steve Kerr and modern advising


7 podcasts for the sports fan

Coddling children and mental health

Poynter on audience and reporting

RPC = Roy Peter Clark, the foremost writing coach in the country and emeritus at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Fla. You should buy his books and they should be at the heart of your classroom library, but he still regularly posts. Don’t be surprised to find quite a few of his posts translated into my writing handouts.

RPC on 11 suggestions

RPC on false comparisons

RPC on Greta Thunberg speech rhetoric

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