Current Membership List

2019-20 Current Memberships – as of June15, 2020

New or renewed memberships will be valid through Sept. 30, 2020. Any media NOT listed below are not eligible to compete in our Best of Colorado individual contests, summer All-Colorado critiques, and other individual awards. Did membership fall through the cracks for 2019-20? Contact [email protected] to become a CSMA member ASAP to enjoy our many benefits for the school year just wrapping up. All our contests/critiques have been moved to a July 15 deadline.

Use this online membership form for your membership, which you can pay by credit card or opt to be invoiced.

Please note: To be eligible for the summer 2020 All-Colorado Critiques and Ratings, Best of Colorado individual contests, and J-Day member registration cost ($25 vs. $35 for non-members), media must be members for the 2019-20 school year. You can see the current list below. If you believe there has been an error or if you have questions, please contact Jack Kennedy at [email protected]

Air Academy HS Yearbook
Alamosa HS News Publication
Alamosa HS Video Media
Alamosa HS Yearbook
Arapahoe HS News Publication
Arapahoe HS Video Media
Arapahoe HS Website
Arapahoe HS Yearbook
Arvada HS Video Media
Arvada HS Website
Arvada HS Yearbook
Arvada West HS Website
Arvada West HS Yearbook
Aspen HS News Publication
Aspen HS Video Media
Aspen HS Website
Aspen HS Yearbook
Boulder HS Yearbook
Brighton HS News Publication
Brighton HS Yearbook
Broomfield HS Website
Broomfield HS Yearbook
Castle Rock MS Video Media
Castle Rock MS Yearbook
Castle View HS News Publication
Castle View HS Video Media
Castle View HS Website
Castle View HS Yearbook
Cedaredge HS News Publication
Cedaredge HS Yearbook
Chaparral HS News Publication
Chaparral HS Yearbook
Cherokee Trail HS News Publication
Cherokee Trail HS Video Media
Cherokee Trail HS Website
Cherokee Trail HS Yearbook
Cherry Creek HS News Publication
Cherry Creek HS Video Media
Cherry Creek HS Website
Cherry Creek HS Yearbook
Cheyenne Mountain HS News Publication
Cheyenne Mountain HS Website
Cimarron MS Video Media
Cimarron MS Yearbook
Columbine HS News Publication
Columbine HS Video Media
Columbine HS Yearbook
Conifer HS News Publication
Conifer HS Video Media
Conifer HS Website
Conifer HS Yearbook
Coronado HS Video Media
Coronado HS Website
Coronado HS Yearbook
Cresthill MS Video Media
Cresthill MS Yearbook
Dakota Ridge HS News Publication
Dakota Ridge HS Video Media
Dakota Ridge HS Yearbook
Dawson School Yearbook
Delta HS News Publication
Delta HS Yearbook
Doherty HS Yearbook
Drake MS Video Media
Drake MS Yearbook
Durango Senior HS News Publication
Durango Senior HS Video Media
Eagle Valley HS News Publication
Eagle Valley HS Video Media
Eagle Valley HS Website
Eaglecrest HS Video Broadcast
Eaglecrest HS Website
Eaglecrest HS Yearbook
Eaton HS News Publication
Eaton HS Website
Eaton HS Yearbook
Elizabeth HS Yearbook
Englewood HS News Publication
Englewood HS Video Media
Englewood HS Website
Englewood HS Yearbook
Erie HS Video Broadcast
Erie HS Website
Erie HS Yearbook
Euclid MS Yearbook
Fairview HS News Publication
Fairview HS Website
Fairview HS Yearbook
Flagstaff Academy Yearbook
Fort Collins HS News Publication
Fossil Ridge HS Website
Frederick HS Website
Frederick HS Yearbook
Fruita Monument HS News Publication
Fruita Monument HS Website
Golden HS Yearbook
Grand Junction HS News Publication
Grand Junction HS Website
Grandview HS Website
Grandview HS Yearbook
Green Mountain HS Newspaper
Green Mountain HS Video Media
Green Mountain HS Yearbook
Highlands Ranch HS News Publication
Highlands Ranch HS Yearbook
Hinkley HS Yearbook
Jefferson Academy Yearbook
John F. Kennedy HS Yearbook
Lakewood HS News Publication
Lakewood HS Yearbook
Lamar HS News Publication
Lamar HS Yearbook
Legacy HS Yearbook
Legend HS News Publication
Legend HS Website
Legend HS Yearbook
Lewis-Palmer HS Website
Lewis-Palmer HS Yearbook
Liberty HS News Publication
Liberty HS Video Media
Liberty HS Website
Littleton HS Website
Littleton HS Yearbook
Longmont Christian School Yearbook
Longmont HS Yearbook
Loveland HS Yearbook
Manitou Springs HS Yearbook
Mead HS Website
Mesa Ridge HS Yearbook
Monarch HS News Publication
Monarch HS Video Media
Monarch HS Website
Monarch HS Yearbook
Montrose HS News Publication
Montrose HS Yearbook
Mountain Range HS Yearbook
Mountain Vista HS News Publication
Mountain Vista HS Yearbook
Odyssey Early College and Career Options Website
Odyssey Early College and Career Options Yearbook
Overland HS News Publication
Overland HS Video Media
Overland HS Website
Overland HS Yearbook
Palmer HS Video Media
Palmer Ridge HS News Publication
Palmer Ridge HS Video Media
Palmer Ridge HS Yearbook
Peak To Peak Charter HS Yearbook
Peetz HS Website
Peetz HS Yearbook
Pine Creek HS Video Media
Pine Creek HS Yearbook
Ponderosa HS Yearbook
Powell MS Yearbook
PSD Global Academy Yearbook
Pueblo County HS Website
Pueblo County HS Yearbook
Rampart HS Video Media
Rampart HS Yearbook
Rangeview HS Website
Rangeview HS Yearbook
Regis Jesuit HS News Publication
Regis Jesuit HS Video Media
Regis Jesuit HS Website
Rock Canyon HS News Publication
Rock Canyon HS Video Media
Rock Canyon HS Website
Rock Canyon HS Yearbook
Rocky Heights MS Video Media
Rocky Heights MS Yearbook
Rocky Mountain HS Website
Salida HS News Publication
Salida HS Yearbook
Sierra MS Website
Sierra MS Yearbook
Smoky Hill HS News Publication
Smoky Hill HS Website
Smoky Hill HS Yearbook
Sproul Junior High Video Media
Sproul Junior High Yearbook
Standley Lake HS News Publication
Standley Lake HS Yearbook
Stargate School News Publication
Stargate School Yearbook
Stargate School / MS Yearbook
Steamboat Springs HS Yearbook
STEM School Highlands Ranch Yearbook
Telluride HS Website
Telluride HS Yearbook
The Classical Academy Yearbook
The Classical Academy Junior HS Yearbook
Thornton HS Website
Vista Ridge HS Yearbook
West Early College HS Website
West Early College HS Yearbook
Wheat Ridge HS Video Media
Wheat Ridge HS Website
Widefield HS Video Media
Widefield HS Yearbook
Woodland Park HS Website
Woodland Park HS Yearbook


Colorado Student Media Association
Current Membership List