Special BOC Results: Individual
Contest Window #2 (April 14-27 )

Our next contest runs through May 11


Certificates were put in the mail on April 29 to individual student addresses, adviser homes, or schools, as specified on the online entry form.

Congratulations to our second batch of Best of Colorado winners. New reporting, with a couple adjusted contest categories,  are eligible for Window #3 submissions. If you missed out on Window #2, don’t despair. Window #3 is open now and we will offer one final opportunity, honoring excellent student work in media during the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning.

Curbside/Delivery Restaurant Review

Class III – 1,700+ students
1st – Teagan Wedige, Cherokee Trail HS
2nd – Lily Hansen, Rock Canyon HS – review 1  review 2
3rd – Alec League, Cherokee Trail HS
HM – Evie Cuffaro, Monarch HS
HM – Rylie Barden, Cherokee Trail HS


The Prom That Wasn’t

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1st – Hope Headlee, Lamar HS (yearbook spread)

Class III – 1700+ students
1st – Amanda Brauchler, Rock Canyon HS (Instagram story — How to Prom)
2nd – Kumud Arora & Minh Anh Le, Monarch HS


Print Design

Class I – up to 1,000 students

1st – Xander Gilson & Noah Norton, PSD Global Academy
2nd – Kelli Jo Wilson, Alamosa HS

Class III – 1,700+ students
1st – Anthony Sianis, Sophia Rolfs & Jespyn Bishop, Brighton HS
2nd – India Turner, Monarch HS
3rd – Anna Wexler & Ellie Guanella, Monarch HS


General Coverage – All Media

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1st – Otto Berga, Nathan Molloy, Bernard McManus, Sam Elliott & Kimberly Mayorga Escalante, Eagle Valley HS
2nd – Jessica Beck, Reagan Hawk, Anna Cort, Addie Grip & Sarah Kelso, Jefferson Academy
3rd – Kori Fleming, Jessica Franson, Raegan Coughenour, Tony Nguyen & Grace Cracknell, Jefferson Academy
HM – Quin McCarroll, Eagle Valley HS
HM – Kaden Katz, Telluride HS


General Coverage – Video/Podcast/Online

Class III – 1,700 + students
1st – Ruby Cervantes, Madison Sain, Lincoln Roch, Kathrin Houston & Kate Muldoon, Monarch HS
2nd – Will Munro, Will Cassidy, Katelyn Marshall, Skylar Cain & Cami Evangelista, Regis Jesuit HS
3rd – Jack Stilwell, Evan Naemura, Zach Salcido, Sam Hilsden & Peter Kannikal, Highlands Ranch HS
HM – KRAM Staff, Rampart HS
HM – Teagan Wedige, Cherokee Trail HS


General Coverage – Print

Class III – 1,700 + students
1st – Anthony Sianis, Sophia Rolfs, Jespyn Bishop, Brennyn Lewis, Nataly Chavez, Katelyn Burke, Tiffany Quarles & Jayden Montgomery, Brighton HS (see their design entry above)
2nd – Anna Wexler, Ellie Guanella & Keri Yost, Monarch HS   Spread 1 of 3Spread 2 of 3Spread 3 of 3
3rd – Taylor Means, Noelle Harff, Maddi Klayer, Zach Salcido & Evan Naemura, Highlands Ranch HS