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J-Day Best of Show winners

State conference closes with 32 BOS awards in 8 categories

Video Program/Segment

1st place – KRAM 10-12-2017 program – https://vimeo.com/237845770

2nd place – Doherty HS  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U0aKnRJrAA&feature=youtu.be

3rd place – Englewood HS Homecoming program – http://thepirateer.com/2969/showcase/homecoming-announcements-1062017/

Honorable Mention – Regis Jesuit HS RJTV – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud8nXlPgdoM


Live Video Program

1st Place – Regis Jesuit HS – Raider Sports Network – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffnn3CO8Diw&feature=youtu.be

2nd place – Mountain Vista HS – VistaNow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWEdzuzfOYI&feature=youtu.be&a=

3rd place – Englewood HS – Pirate TV – http://thepirateer.com/3016/showcase/student-led-school-board-candidate-forum/

Honorable Mention – Cimarron MS – Colt Cast – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoZyiz6JnII&feature=youtu.be

From the judge: My biggest comment is concerning copyrighted music on too many shows.  It pained me to DQ shows that were very well done.  Below is the legal explanation for copyrighted music and it is also nothing to mess around with as schools can be fined $7000 per song.

At the bottom of these comments is the link and legal explanation for why any amount of song used is a violation of copyright.

On the positive side, winning entries used well designed graphics that had branding for their show.  The graphics weren’t pixelated or overdone.  They had a nice use of lower thirds as well.

Top broadcast or video shows also demonstrated knowledge of editing techniques, b roll, voice over, lighting, and quality sound.

Top video shows or stories also used journalistic story telling techniques, while taking themselves seriously as journalists.  They found compelling angles to interesting stories about the people of their high schools.  Opinions, telling the audience what to do or think, and cheer leading were avoided in the top shows.

Overall, it was a pleasure to see developing and well developed shows bringing the news and student voice to their schools.



3A/4A Online News

1st place – Mead HS – The Mav https://mavnewspaper.com/

2nd place – Englewood HS – The Pirateer – http://thepirateer.com/

3rd place – Broomfield HS – The Eagle Way – https://onlyoneagleway.com/4521/showcase/what-rivalry-broomfields-legacy/

Honorable Mention – Conifer HS – CHSToday – https://chstoday.net/


5A Online News

1st place – Arapahoe HS – ArapahoeExtra – https://arapahoextra.com/
Twitter – http://twitter.com/ArapahoeXtra  Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/arapahoe.xtra/

2nd place – Mountain Vista HS – VistaNow – http://www.vistanow.org/
Twitter – http://twitter.com/vista_now   Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/vista_now/?hl=en

3rd place – Rangeview HS – The Rangeview Raider Review – http://rangeviewraiders.info/?p=8550

Honorable Mention – Fossil Ridge HS – Etched in Stone – http://etchedinstone.org/
Twitter News – http://twitter.com/fossilnews   Twitter Sports – http://twitter.com/frhssportsnews

From the online judge: The best sites I saw were updating regularly — including spreading stories out over a longer time span instead of dumping everything on the site one day, covering a wide variety of issues around the school, and telling the stories of the people in the building (you know… good journalism).


3A/4A Yearbook photojournalism

1st place – Longmont HS

2nd place – Ponderosa HS

3rd place – Cimarron MS

Honorable Mention – Broomfield HS


5A Yearbook photojournalism

1st place – Castle View HS

2nd place – Brighton HS

3rd place – Rock Canyon HS

Honorable Mention – Eaglecrest HS

From the judge: Successful images in this category drew in the viewer with intense faces. Strong captions added to the visual communication. Capturing the intense moments always make compelling photos. They show the reader what the photographer has seen.

Find samples of our top entries on the CSMA ISSUU site.


3A/4A Print News Publication

1st place – Highlands Ranch – The Chronicle

2nd place – Palmer Ridge HS – The Bear Truth

3rd place – Englewood HS – The Pirateer

Honorable Mention – Conifer HS – The Lobo Legend


5A Print News Publication

1st place – Regis Jesuit HS – Elevate magazine

2nd place – Mountain Vista HS – Eagle Eye

3rd place – Castle View HS – The View

Honorable Mention – Denver East HS – The Spotlight

From the judge: The top entries had clear personalities, both visually and in their reporting and writing styles. Several entries took on tough issues and controversy in the school community, combining a search for truth with sensitivity to the people involved. Top entries featured a mix of serious and fun coverage, and paid attention to solid design principles.

An observation: the top three place winners in each category were magazines (generally letter-size page format). Tabloids are not dead, but they don’t seem to be the first option for many schools.

Find sample of our top entries on the CSMA ISSUU site.


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