Staff Spotlight: Rampart High School KRAM

KRAM – 1-19-2017

Website –;

Adviser – Patrick Moring, CJE

Editors – Simeon Sturm, Brock Gilliland, Ian Peterson, Jeremy Fleishhacker, Kendra Hardin, Ryan Leonard, Robbie Hall, TJ Barker, Lee Brockway, Mateo Perez, Nate Brant, Nick Garcia, Rohan Utagikar, Trinity Schenk, Sarah Tomovich, Seth Plechas, Jamie Jennings

Rampart High School, 8250 Lexington Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Students on Staff: 107

Mission Statement: We serve the Rampart High School community by keeping them informed about school events, organizations, and news worthy stories, as well as highlighting as much of the student body as possible and bringing them the recognition they deserve.

Coverage Philosophy: There are three Electronic Media classes and one class of sports broadcasting.  The three EM classes have 5 to 6 head editors in each class, and they are on a three-week rotation to produce a 15 to 20-minute news broadcast to the school every Thursday.  Each head editor is in charge of a news package within the production, and they have groups of students working underneath them to get all interview and b-roll footage for the segment they are responsible for.  The head editors also are responsible for putting the final edit together with the anchors before the production airs.  These classes are also half creative film, so each three-week cycle they produce a news package and a creative piece demonstrating techniques in a particular area of pre-production, production, or post-production.   By the end of the year, the combined classes produce around 30 to 35 news broadcasts and hundreds of creative film pieces.  The sports broadcast class covers live sports events for 8 different sports, and can broadcast up to 60 live events a year that include multi-camera HD broadcasts with color commentary, sideline interviews, and prepackaged halftime material.  There are three officers in the sports broadcast class that rotate the production manager position, and there are eight students working different positions every live broadcast.  Our EM classes have a Vimeo page, and our sports broadcast uses the NFHS network.  All our events are generally linked to the school Twitter and Facebook pages, although these are not maintained by the KRAM staff.

Using Varied Media Platforms: We maintain two websites, e-mail blast the community about broadcasts, and have regular postings and videos put on the RHS Twitter feed.  Each week, our administration has put aside 20 minutes for our broadcasts to be shown in each classroom by the teachers, either by closed circuit TV or through our Vimeo site.

Fun Things: We have weekly head editor meetings with pizza every other week, we go to CHSPA and NSPA conventions each year, and we have an annual RHS Student Film Festival in the school auditorium for students and parents showcasing the student talent at the end of each year.

A Favorite Story: Each year, we provide media coverage (promo, live broadcast, and event coverage) for our school Bald 4 Bucks fundraiser for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.  Last year we raised over 53,000 dollars for the LLS, and we were second in the nation for high school contributions.  This year we want to raise 75,000 dollars.  We just released our first promo, and we found a family that had recently lost their father that agreed to be interviewed.  We released it last night, and it blew up on Facebook and Twitter.  According to our Vimeo dashboard, it’s been viewed over a thousand times between our page and being viewed in Facebook and Twitter.  It was produced under the direction of one of my student head editors, Lee Brockway.