One candidate to consider

October 14, 2019

Christine Fry

Christine Marie Fry comes from Raleigh, North Carolina and study at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She has been teaching since 2016 and focused on analyzing political and journalist rhetoric through her work with Speech & Debate and Mock Trial. Currently, she is teaching at Arvada West High School where she is the adviser for its yearbook, The Claw. Fry has also expanded her scope in journalism by co-hosting a lifestyle podcast geared towards balancing being an educator in the classroom and the outdoors.

Candidate statement:
I am Christine Fry and new to Colorado having moved from the Piedmont of North Carolina. This is my first year as a member of CSMA; however, it is my intention to best serve CSMA by maintaining accurate, detailed, and timely minutes for its Board and members. I will be fully engaged and committed to the needs of the Board and members while representing fellow advisers and educators to best of my abilities. Additionally, I will be timely with all releases of letters, briefings, statements, and any variety of PR materials as dictated by Board members.

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