Digital Media Coordinator

Two candidates to consider

October 14, 2019

Patrick Moring. CJE

Patrick Moring, CJE, is the broadcast adviser for the award-winning KRAM program at Rampart High School in Colorado Springs and has been there 12 years. The program has won numerous national and state awards, including a NSPA Broadcast Pacemaker Award, multiple All-Colorado Awards, and the NFHS Network’s Best Overall Program Award. He has been on the CSMA board as Digital Media Coordinator for the last two years, and has started and encouraged a partnership with the Colorado Broadcasters Association and the CSMA, as well as working hard to grow broadcast programs across the state.

Candidate statement:
“I think broadcast media is the direction that all journalism is moving, and that growing the state’s broadcast programs is one of the most important mandates for the Colorado Student Media Association. I want programs around the state to feel supported and know that they have help to grow, with both curriculum and advice. I will continue to nurture our partnership with the Colorado Broadcasters Association, so that student and professional journalists can connect and network so that our students will have a head start on the careers they will pursue. This is something I believe in and will work hard to continue.”


Aaron Smith

Aaron holds a degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations from Oklahoma State University. He has advised student media for 10 years in Oklahoma, Texas, and now, Colorado. His experience is predominately with print and online media. Smith currently teaches Freshman Humanities and College Prep English at Castle View High School and advises online media — CV Student Media.

Candidate statement:
“As an adviser for online media, it is important to continue promoting the use of the medium as well as promoting the successes by our student journalists. With a decade of experience teaching journalism and seven years specifically with online media, I understand the needs of the advisers and staffs when it comes to support specific to pushing the field of journalism forward through the digital format.”

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