Staff Spotlight: EVTV, Eagle Valley HS

EVTV  – 11-11-2017

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Adviser – Hannah Shapiro

Editor – Natalie Marner

Eagle Valley High School, PO Box 188 / 641 Valley Road, Gypsum, CO 81637

Students on Staff: 16

Mission Statement: We don’t exactly have a mission statement, but our goal as a staff is to inform and entertain our audience and to have fun while doing so.

Coverage Philosophy: Staff comes in every three weeks, and we have a pitch session. Students pitch topics they’re interested in and passionate about, and they range in subject. The Director of the episode picks four package ideas, and they try to distribute the coverage so that one package is related to sports or activities in the school, one that is a news or feature related to our local community, one that is related to how local community is responding to something going on at the national level, and something that is more entertaining but still informative- like a “How to…” or a profile. Staff works together in crews of 2/3 to put together a package, and they divide up the responsibilities. Each episode has a different director in charge actualizing the creative vision of the episode and motivating and inspiring the crews, and each episode has a producer (we have three of these who rotate) who is in charge of making sure everyone is meeting deadlines and ultimately edits the episode together. Folks are constantly checking in on each other’s packages and giving feedback and finding people who are available to get b-roll. We support each other by being flexible and finding a way to make what we want and need to do work.

Using Varied Media Platforms: YouTube and Facebook are the two main platforms we use to spread awareness of the show. Our adviser emails the YouTube link to teachers in the building to show during Homeroom. We post it to Facebook, but that mostly just reaches adults in the community. While making packages, we try to post on Snapchat so our followers can get a behind the scenes look at what we’re working on and how we make the show.

Fun Things: You know, we really just like to laugh together, to share stories, to listen to the staff member who steps up in a low moment give an inspirational speech. We just like being around each other. We haven’t done as much as we should to build the team this year, and we’re looking into how we can incorporate more community building into our program.

Getting the Year Off to a Good Start: Oy! There are quite a few. I think the one that has received the most attention was the First Amendment package from the Fearless competition last fall. I’ll attach a link to the story and the stories written about it. It was just really incredible to see all the students coming together to work on a package, and how empowered they felt- it was insane. They really felt like what they were doing could make a difference, and you could feel that energy all around.

Eagle Valley High School’s EVTV is a Pacemaker journalism award national finalist

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