Our First Staff Spotlight: Rangeview Raider Review

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Raider Review – posted 11-28-2016

On Twitter – @RangeviewReview

On Facebook – The Rangeview Review

Website – http://rangeviewraiders.info/

Adviser – Zeb Carabello

Editor – Alivia Lee

Rangeview High School, 17599 E. Iliff Avenue, Aurora CO 80013

Students on Staff: 25

Mission Statement: The Raider Review exists to raise awareness in the Rangeview community about important issues and to advocate for the voiceless in our community, ensuring we give students a platform to communicate and express their world views in an effort to make sure our diversity continues to unite us, not divide us.

Coverage Philosophy: The Raider Review staff is split up into six desks, through these six desks the staff is able to cover anything from sports updates to sexual assault. Many of the staff members write on multiple desks which allows a wide variety of stories to be covered with many different perspectives.

Fun Things: The staff enjoys bonding both inside and out of the newsroom by bowling, story scavenger hunts, and occasionally staff barbeques.

A Favorite Story: http://rangeviewraiders.info/?p=5702