New opportunities for advisers to share their writing, visuals


School media advisers, by definition, don’t get to participate in the school programs they advise, much like football coaches don’t get to throw any passes or make any tackles. But there is a large body of research showing that teachers who regularly engage in writing and research can improve their teaching. The problem is that there are few opportunities for advisers to share their work.

Here is that opportunity. And winners can earn free tuition to the CHSPA Summer Adviser Workshop. Entrants must submit this quick entry form along with their entries. Advisers may enter any or all of the following categories:

1. NARRATIVE It was a great day last month/last week when… (focus on specific narrative of events in a classroom… complete with setting and characters, conflict and resolution). We all have compelling stories to share about what we do in the classroom, and this is a chance to make one of those amazing stories come alive. An option is to add handouts, photos, links, etc., to your narrative. That’s completely optional, but it might produce curriculum with a narrative. Length is up to you, and you need not worry about designing a page or pages. You submit the raw materials.

2. VISUAL JOURNALISM The photo essay or short video I always wanted to share, but couldn’t (since I’m a coach, not a player). Community, school, focus on one student, or a small group, or the coolest lighting in the school… something that needs to be shared, but you don’t have a handy outlet. You are encouraged to include some text or captions to help tell your visual story. You need not lay out a photo essay, as in a yearbook spread.

3. OPINION Commentary on the teaching life – 800 words max, with an emphasis on a class, or a situation, or an interaction which can be described and then connected to larger truths about teaching and advising. This is an opportunity to stretch your personal voice as a writer and educator.

Judging will be done by a panel of journalism educators from outside Colorado, and award certificates will be presented to all place winners. We hope to publish entries online (and perhaps in a special printed publication).

Submission deadline is March 15, 2014. There is no cost to enter this competition.