CSMA will pay your JEA testing fees

Don’t let the test fee hold you back


Beginning in 2017, CSMA will reimburse you the cost of taking either the Certified Journalism Educator (CJE) or Master Journalism Educator (MJE) test. The cost of testing is $60 for the CJE and $85 for the MJE, paid to the Journalism Education Association.

Advisers of CSMA-member media may apply for this reimbursement upon completing their payment to JEA and passing the test. Please note that advisers must be active members of JEA to take this test, and CSMA recommends all advisers join the only organization that speaks on the behalf of journalism educators. Membership is $60 per year.

Learn all about JEA certification (the only national certification program for student media advisers) on the JEA website. You can find study guides, application forms, etc.

Testing is offered at each JEA/NSPA national convention, plus the Adviser Institute each summer. CSMA periodically offers local testing, when there is a demand. Contact Jack Kennedy (jpkjournalis[email protected]) if you would prefer taking the test closer to home.