Survival, for advisers and students, headlines Winter Thaw on CU campus

Tim Harrower leads 33 participants through maestro, great data, gathering eyeballs and more Jan. 29


A renovated Winter Thaw, last held in 2014, brought a range of advisers to CU-Boulder to discuss how to reignite the publications they advise. Under the leadership of Tim Harrower, perhaps the nation’s preeminent design expert and the author of “Inside Reporting,” the leading college journalism textbook, led the group.

The focus was on print, and Harrower focuses most closely on newspapers/newsmagazines in his won work. But it was clear that the principals he discussed and the examples he shared on screen could be applied to any publishing platform.

CSMA is interested in sponsoring more professional development opportunities for advisers, and welcomes input on topics, presenters, locations and time of year for such workshops. Please contact Jack Kennedy at [email protected] with those ideas.

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