First publication portfolio contest reveals diverse coverage

The Publication Portfolio contest – which focused on stories that were investigative, inclusive, connecting, clarifying, and entertaining – only had a handful of entries, but each publication really showcased its strengths! The judge commented that “it is impressive to see student publications that make the effort to put this much thought into their coverage. They go well beyond the basic ‘day in the life’ of high school.”

With all that said, congratulations to The Skier Scribbler at Aspen HS! You can find their stories listed below as well as on thier website and on ISSUU. The publication wins $100 of CSMA credit.

The Skier Scribbler has covered each of the five categories in depth. Journalists have focused on investigation starting on page 3 of the Sept. issue digging into inappropriate Zoom behavior and the Irwin County Detention Center. In Oct. students investigated climate change through POW on page 4. In December, a student took a deep dive into the importance of litigation on page 9. In January, one of the new staff writers focused on vaccines in our community on p. 2.

Inclusivity was another major focus. The paper featured the Equestrian team in the December issue on page 7, as well as Jewish holidays on page 10. In January, page 2 brought attention to an under-recognized issue that the Power to Pakistan club is fighting.

The third category of Connecting was covered in a variety of ways. We have a reoccurring column entitled People of Aspen. In October, journalists featured three different individuals on page 5 and another on page 9, bringing attention to not just students, but local community members. In December, page 6 also featured multiple community members. In January, a student pilot, Robert Holton was featured.

The Clarifying category was addressed in September to bring understanding to the shift in the College Counseling department on page 2 and to address mental illness stigmas on page 3. Additionally, September brought attention to suicide prevention on page 6. In October, page 3 focused on an understanding of women in unlikely fields and positions of leadership.

Page 12 of every issue is focused on Entertaining. It is our arts and entertainment section and covers a variety of topics from Tony Hawk video games to new releases in the poetry world.


Other strong entries came from EVTV and Eagle Valley Student Media at Eagle Valley HS and The Rock at Rock Canyon HS, which made the decision difficult!