Best work of the year is honored

Nearly 1,500 award certificates were mailed to schools on April 30

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Best work of the year is honored

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The Best of Colorado individual competitions have been judged, and award certificates have been mailed. Want to see the complete list of award winners? Download this Excel spreadsheet, with tabs for each classification, and you can see all results.

Entries were judged within enrollment classifications. We try to adjust those from year to year to avoid large disparities in numbers of entries in each classification. Video entries are not separated by enrollment, and middle school video entries were judged right along with high school programs.

There were a total of 1,205 judged entries: 68 (in 15 categories) video, 610 (in 22 categories) news publications, and 595 (in 21 categories) yearbook. Entries could each credit up to ten student names.

News Publication Class I (up to 849 students) – 11 schools entered
News Publication Class II (850-1,700) – 15 schools entered
News Publication Class III (over 1,700) – 17 schools entered
Yearbook Class I (up to 849) – 12 schools entered
Yearbook Class II (850-1,800) – 12 schools entered
Yearbook Class III (over 1,800) – 9 schools entered
Middle School Yearbook – 8 schools entered
Video Broadcast – 11 schools entered

We hope to have samples of winning entries on our Pinterest site within two weeks. Those samples will include overall comments from the judges, with specific advice and observations.


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