reTHINK2014, Summer Adviser Workshop will connect

…with each other and with you, offering four days of prepping for 2014-15


What happens when you bring advisers and students together, with everyone working to create something great in 2014-15, led by an accomplished and inspiring team of coaches?

We are going to find out. The Summer Adviser Workshop (often simply called SAW) has been CHSPA’s way to support new to the job advisers as well as veterans looking for a bit of renewal (we call it SURVIVAL and REVIVAL). It’s been supporting great teaching for over 20 years. The reTHINK workshop has provoked, inspired and challenged editors and staff from some of Colorado’s finest student media programs for seven years.

And this summer, before everyone scatters to jobs, vacations and camps, we offer one powerful four days of focus on student media in one place. Consider challenging yourself with our two parallel workshops, June 9-12, at Rock Canyon HS in Highlands Ranch.

Check out our one-page “at-a-glance” flyer, detailing the basic plan for the two workshops.

The cost of these commuter workshops is quite affordable ($150 for the four days per person). The facilities are first-rate (Windows and Mac labs, wireless access, modern classrooms, easy access for all). The instructors are state and national leaders, with all having advised publications honored with National Pacemakers, Crowns, All-Colorado ratings and numerous individual honors.

Both workshops combine individual work, choices among learning sessions, and plenty of time for staffs to spend time talking about journalism, with no distractions. The week is intense but promises to launch staffs into the coming school year with new purpose, new structures and new looks. If you are a new-to-the-professional adviser, the week focuses on helping you through the first 30 days of advising, and beyond.

The deadline to register for SAW or reTHINK2014 is June 1, 2014, and you can download the interactive registration PDF here. For Mac users: please check to see that your default in Adobe Acrobat Reader is set to READER mode, not PREVIEW mode to successfully use interactive PDFs.