Rampart student named first Broadcast Journalist of the Year

Regis Jesuit sophomore is runner-up


CSMA Broadcast Journalist of the Year 2016

1st Place – Patrick Arsenault / Rampart HS (see his portfolio here)
Runner-up – Nick Sangalis / Regis Jesuit HS (see his portfolio here)

An excerpt from the judge’s comments on Patrick’s work:
“You obviously have a strong connection to athletics and to sports broadcasting, and your knowledge and passion for sports comes through. I don’t know how someone who doesn’t have a deep knowledge and passion for sports can be successful in sports broadcasting, which probably goes without saying. Yet I have seen many examples of highs school broadcasters who don’t seem to understand the fundamentals as well as the intricacies of the sports they are covering. You have nothing to worry about on that score.

There is an art and a rhythm to play-by-play broadcasts, of course, and it takes time to develop the timing, voice, and insights that viewers appreciate and that add to the sights and sounds. I hope you will continue to develop your announcing persona, but it was clearly quite advanced at the high school level.”

An excerpt from the judge’s comments on Nick’s work:
“I also admired the breadth of the experiences you shared through your online portfolio. From studio work to sideline reporting to special event coverage and podcasting, you showed your versatility. Exploring all those reporting options gives you a strong foundation for whichever platforms you choose to focus on.”