Looking for a sample plan
to keep advising online?

March 25, 2020

Aaron Manfull, media adviser from Missouri, shares a Facebook Live broadcast each Monday morning, “live” from his classroom, normally. This past Monday he was broadcasting from home and he shared his own new plans for how to keep in contact with this students and how to support them as they not only continue to work on their media skills but also simply deal with the “new normal.”

He reminds us that some of our students have now taken on new roles in their homes, possibly caring for and educating/entertaining younger siblings while parents are at work. His point? We can’t just plow ahead with some semblance of the daily or even weekly deadlines of school, and we can’t just generate daily worksheets for students to complete, can’t keep piling on the reading, can’t know exactly what their daily schedule looks like any more.

But Aaron doesn’t want to just leave students adrift, either, and neither do Colorado media advisers.

He shared with us two documents that he is distributing electronically to his students. Feel free to make use of or adapt from his ideas as you develop your own plans for this spring.

Options for Broadcast students

Options for Publications students


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