Window #4 winners chosen as special Best of Colorado contests wrap up

Wrapping up the spring, but don’t forget our ‘regular’ Best of Colorado contests, due by July 15


Best of Colorado 2020

Special COVID-19 Individual Contests – Contest Window #4 (May 12-May 26)

A special opportunity was provided for advisers who were interested to simply name one student per CSMA-member medium as “most valuable.” No specific evidence was needed beyond the recommendation of the adviser. CSMA is proud to recognize the following students, who all met the challenge of continuing to lead, to report, and to publish despite the many challenges of COVID-19 and remote learning.

Most Valuable Staffer in a Pandemic

India Turner, The Pack, Monarch HS
Madison Sain, KYOT, Monarch HS
Taylor Means, print news, Highlands Ranch HS
Sharon Noel Somogyi, online, Eagle Valley HS
Adriana Gallegos Helguera, broadcast, Eagle Valley HS
Quin McCarroll, print news, Eagle Valley HS
Will Munro, all media, Regis Jesuit HS
Ben Parris, broadcast, Cherry Creek HS
Lauren Larson, online, Mead HS
Reese Plummer, yearbook, Castle Rock MS
Kayla Gumeson, yearbook, Longmont HS
Stephanie Austin, yearbook, PSD Global Academy
Katelyn Zaiger, KRAM, Rampart HS
Teagan Wedige, broadcast, Cherokee Trail HS
Grayson Blalock, broadcast, Erie HS
Sara Schulz, yearbook, Erie HS
Emma Sanders, print news, Erie HS


Commentary on Life in a Pandemic

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1stDavid Carrillo, Eagle Valley HS

Class III –1,700+ students
1stRuby Cervantes, Monarch HS
2ndAnthony Kargoli, Highlands Ranch HS
3rdPaige Gerling, Mountain Vista HS

The Graduation Speech I Would Give

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1stGrace Hatheway, Cedaredge HS
2ndRiley Dudley, Eagle Valley HS
3rd – Jamil Gastelum, Eagle Valley HS

Class III – 1700+ students
1stRyan Tierney, Regis Jesuit HS
2ndJenna Klein, Highlands Ranch HS


Print Design

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1stReese Plummer & Gavin Weiskopf, Castle Rock MS


General Coverage – Multimedia

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1stOtto Berga, Kimberly Mayorga Escalante & Bella Rulon, Eagle Valley HS

Class II – 1,000-1,700 students
1stMarina Goter, Mead HS

Class III – 1,700 + students
1st – Wyatt Liles, Cameron Parker, Ethan Hendricks, Beckett France & Ayden Harris, Monarch HS / Check out these videos: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5.
2ndCate Lord, Regis Jesuit HS


General Coverage – Print/Website

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1st – Andrew Austin, Samantha Boeke, Lily Dewell, Hailey Gifford & Zoe Greener, Eagle Valley HS / Go to their site to browse their work, and much more.

Class III – 1,700 + students
1st – Kara Lyons, Kofi Kessey, Sam Hilsden, Isabella Bogo & Jaysen Anderson, Highlands Ranch HS / pages 1-4 here and pages 5-8 here.
2nd – Simone Beauchamp & Edmond Kunath, Eaglecrest HS / Check out their site to browse their latest work.
3rd – Ruby Cervantes, Lia Farrell, Amelia Krueger & Maya Matus, Monarch HS / Check out their site to browse their latest work.


Special Recognition for Pandemic Cartoons

Sharon Noel Somogyi, Eagle Valley HS / Check out a sampling of her cartoons here, here, here, and here.