Denver to welcome JEA/NSPA convention in April, 2015

Denver is a media rich city, and you will want to be part of this national gathering of thousands of student journalists


The spring national high school journalism convention comes to Denver for the third time since 1992, and you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from the best, compete at the highest level, and motivate your entire staff.

The convention will be held in the Sheraton Denver hotel, on the the 16th Street Mall, April 16-19, 2015. Registration is $90 per person for the entire event, and the hotel offers a great room rate, if you will be staying overnight. Of course, for many students and advisers in the Denver metro area, it may be more convenient and less expensive to attend as a commuter. Light rail, for instance, will take you to within four blocks of the hotel.

Many more details will be available beginning in the fall, but you might want to check out our initial promo video, which was unveiled in April at the San Diego convention. Many thanks to Cory Morlock and multiple students who contributed to this video.

Already at work
The Denver convention has a large and talented local committee already working to provide a unique Colorado student media experience.

Local Convention Chair – Jack Kennedy, MJE

Local Write-off Contest Chair – Justin Daigle, CJE
Local Write-off Broadcast Chairs – Adam Dawkins, CJE & Cory Morlock
Break with a Pro Coordinators – Jeff Browne, Nicole Arduini, CJE & CPA Executive Director
On-Site Critiques Coordinator – Annie Gorenstein, CJE
Swap Shops Coordinator – Karen Wagner, CJE
Issues Seminar Coordinators – Sheila Jones & Adam Dawkins, CJE
Media Tours Coordinator – Deirdre Jones
Adviser Giveaways Coordinator – Kristi Rathbun, CJE
Friday Advisers Luncheon Coordinators – Kathleen Kennedy & Jack Kennedy, MJE
Adviser Hospitality Coordinators – Lindsie Myers & Mentors Sheila Jones, Darryl Stafford
Adviser Receptions/SPLC Auction Coordinators – Jed Palmer, CJE, Carrie Faust, MJE & Mark Newton, MJE
Trade Show/Exhibits Coordinator – Jack Kennedy, MJE
Advertising Sales Coordinator – Peter Griffin, CJE
T-Shirts Coordinator – Stephen Wahlfeldt
Student Entertainment Coordinator – Jessica Leifheit, CJE
Student Volunteers Coordinator – Stephen Wahlfeldt
Featured Speaker Coordinator – Jeff Fleischman