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2021 Administrator of the Year award recognizes power duo

Usually, an award recognizes the achievements of a single person. However, sometimes, the recognition is a package deal. Such is the case with principal Dr. Rex Corr and assistant principal Ryan Hollingshead of Castle View High School. The selection committee stated that this pair has supports student journalism with both words and actions.

When newspaper students produced a 40-page Black Lives Matter themed edition, Rex and Ryan had a meeting with teachers and staff prior to distribution, allowing the adviser to address staff, and defended the student journalists’ work,” the panel said. “Similarly, they stood behind the work of yearbook staffers to educate a vocal group of parents.”

Rex Corr headshot
Dr. Rex Corr

Media adviser Jessica Hunziker said this is just one example of how Corr and Hollingshead are truly part of the student media team.

“Even my students view Rex and Ryan and trusted confidantes, knowing that they will provide guidance and feedback as part of our team when appropriate and when asked for,” Hunziker said. “Rex and Ryan would never ask to review a story before it goes to print, but when called on to provide an interview or speak to a challenging topic or even simply be another adult voice, my students trust Rex and Ryan through and through.”

Student Sierra Carey detailed this and more in her letter of support, stating that she could not imagine having better administrators.

“Without Dr. Corr’s support, our media program would not be anywhere near as successful as it is,” Carey said.

Corr’s belief that student voices matter is evident in his actions, both in print and in physical support during the construction of new facilities.

Ryan Hollingshead headshot
Ryan Hollingshead

“Whether the story is a celebratory piece surrounding an aspect of our school where we are experiencing success, or one bringing to light our opportunities for our further improvement, CV Media demonstrates the courage and integrity that are so critical to the craft of reporting,” Corr said. “It is for these reasons, and many more, that we have highlighted and prioritized the CV Media program in the recent expansion of our building; designing and realizing state-of-the-art spaces where these programs can best accomplish the important work they do.”

According to Carey, Hollingshead promotes media programs regardless of what is being produced.

“And when it comes to defending our rights as student journalists, he always has our back,” Carey said.

Hollingshead spoke about the freedom of expression that Colorado law provides student journalists.

“A great student media program knows that with this great power comes great responsibility,” Hollingshead said. “Ultimately, administrators in Colorado are lucky to be able to work with empowered student journalists who can truly dig deep in their reporting and shed light on big issues that teens find important.”

Hunziker believes that Corr’s and Hollingshead’s perspectives are key to the success of media programs and Castle Rock, both in the present and the future.

“Rex and Ryan know the law and stand behind it, but more so, they believe in and support student voice and stood behind my students as advocates for their important work,” Hunziker said.


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