Learning page layout,
design from professionals

March 23, 2020


Share this quick video with your student designers as a way to demonstrate the way professionals envision pages and produce raw sketches (that can easily be changed or simply deleted).

You may want to add your own comments on HOW the designer might have thought of constructing this front page.

Then share the final front page from the NYT.

Finalize the lesson by asking the designer to create a sketch of a page design they really like, from some professional publication (a magazine, a print paper, a flyer, an ad…). That is just for practice, using the techniques they saw in the video.

Now, are those designers ready to sketch a page or spread on ______________________ (you pick the topic, perhaps with a theme)? In a perfect world, designers would have an idea of what art they have to work with. Can you share some sample photos or illustrations?

Have something you could share with your friends around Colorado?
Send your quick online lesson to [email protected], with all the details (and files, if you can), and we will post it.