Yvette Manculich recognized as CSMA 2020 Adviser of the Year


Yvette Manculich, CJE, media adviser at Powell Middle School in Littleton, CO, is CSMA’s 2020 Adviser of the Year. She will be recognized at the virtual state conference, J-Day, on Sept. 24.

Manculich oversees The Prowl Yearbook and, formerly, the Powell News Network and The Puma’s Tale. She has taught multiple courses within media studies, as well as English, history and drama. Her leadership outside of the classroom includes serving as a judge for NSPA and CSPA, helping to organize the 2015 JEA/NSPA spring convention, presenting at multiple workshops conferences and serving as the Middle School Coordinator for CSMA.

The Prowl shines in critiques and competitions, which serves to highlight how well Manculich’s students implement what they learn.

“One of the reasons that she has such successful students is that she empowers them,” noted Greg Anderson of Arapahoe High School, where many Powell students continue their journalism journey. He quoted former staffer Kate Tucker in his letter of support. “Ms. Manculich is not afraid to try something new,” Tucker wrote. “And she takes her kids on the ride with her. And she lets them lead.”

According to one member of the selection committee, “journalism teachers must wear many hats–writing teacher, graphic artist, public relations expert, lawyer, proof-reader and so many more. Yvette Manculich’s vitae shows that she wears these hats successfully. Her students, her school and her community are lucky to have a teacher like Yvette.”

Manculich calls advising publications the highlight of her 29-year teaching career. “Advising the yearbook has allowed me to forge tremendous relationships with members of my editorial staff, often marveling as these students continue to pursue journalism in high school, college and beyond,” Manculich said. “It is humbling to know their love of journalism began in my room during the often formative years of middle school.”


*updated 9/22 to fix a last name