Best of Colorado Window #3 winners chosen

One more chance to share your best work from this spring with May 25 deadline


Best of Colorado 2020
Special COVID-19 Individual Contests – Contest Window #3 (April 28-May 11)

So much great work continues in Colorado student media, and we know are only seeing a fraction… but it’s still impressive stuff. There is one more chance to share and compete in our special spring pandemic edition awards, with a deadline of May 25. Our tradition Best of Colorado individual awards are open through July 15, and entries in our special spring contests ARE eligible to be entered in those contests.

Front Porch Family Portrait

Class III –1,700+ students
1st – Liam Watters, Regis Jesuit HS (see both entries here)
2nd – Sam K. Saliba, Monarch HS

6 Shots, 6 Words

Class II – 1,000-1700 students
1stMakenna Buckskin, Erie HS

Class III – 1700+ students
1stTeagan Wedige, Cherokee Trail HS
2ndRylie Barden, Cherokee Trail HS
3rdCole Munro, Regis Jesuit HS
HM – Ben McCorrison, Monarch HS

Print Design

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1stVanessa Wood & Kos Maddie, Drake MS
2ndKayla Grenwis & Dakota St. Clair, Drake MS
3rd – Jessie Beck & Hadley Coughenour, Jefferson Academy

Class II –1,000-1700 students
1stSara Schulz, Grayson Blalock, Nisha Shrestha, Raegyn Patzer & Peyton Michaelson, Erie HS

Class III – 1,700+ students
1stSophia Bradac, Megan Frontz, Sabrina Vizurraga, Sophia Marcinek & Serena Nguyen, Regis Jesuit HS (check out entire issue on ISSUU)

General Coverage – Multimedia

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1st – Adriana Gallegos Helguera, Thomas Langston James, Nathan Molloy, Sam Elliott & Jordan Neifert, Eagle Valley HS – Video 1 / Video 2
2ndAidan O’Reilly, Emily Markle, Taylor Craig, Holly Simons & Mae West, Castle Rock MS

Class III – 1,700 + students
1st – Lincoln Roch, Madison Sain, Kathrin Houston, Celia McNulty & Cameron Parker, Monarch HS – Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3 / Video 4
2ndArmando Maldonado, Regis Jesuit HS
3rd – Benjamin Parris, Cherry Creek HS – Video 1 / Video 2
HM – Jessica McMillian, Eaglecrest HS


General Coverage – Print/Website

Class I – up to 1,000 students
1stReagan McAdams, Eagle Valley HS
2ndKatherine Bucaro, Drake MS
3rd – Kayla Grenwis & Dakota St. Clair, Drake MS

Class II – 1,000-1,700  students
1st – Grayson Blalock, Emma Sanders & Nevaeh Stanessa, Erie HS – Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3

Class III – 1,700 + students
1st – Kate Muldoon, Maya Matus, Logan Lair, Sam K. Saliba & Alex Neumann, Monarch HS – Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3 / Link 4 / Link 5
2nd – Noelle Harff, Taylor Means, Delaney Atchison, Maddie Browning & Nathan Kuhta, Highlands Ranch HS
3rd – Anna Henning, Fossil Ridge HS
HM – Ryan Tierney, Regis Jesuit HS