GOOD NEWS! You can once again pay for any CHSPA services (including membership dues and J-Day registration) using your school or personal credit card. Of course, we also accept school checks.

Membership for CHSPA is by individual school medium, and we now have memberships for newspaper, yearbook, video broadcast, and website. It can save your school some money to combine all media offered on a single form. We also offer a much-reduced registration fee for J-Day for our members.

Our bylaws call for all renewals to be filed not later than Oct. 1 of each year (and membership qualifies you for special pricing for J-Day registration). Only CHSPA member media may enter our Best of Colorado awards and the All-Colorado critique and ratings program.

Download the interactive School Media Membership Form here. 2013-14 CHSPA membership form IMPORTANT: Mac users should make sure you are not opening this PDF in PREVIEW mode. Your entries will not “stick,” otherwise.

NOTE: As of July 1, 2013, JEA membership dues rose to $60, which is reflected on our membership form. We are glad to send in your JEA membership information and payment, but the cost is now $60 per year.

This membership covers all state contest fees, including Best of Colorado and All-Colorado. This PDF can be saved to your computer, renamed, filled out and attached to an email to [email protected] JUST BE SURE NOT TO OPEN THE PDF in “PREVIEW” MODE. There is a place for all credit card information, if that is convenient for you.

2012-13 Paid Members as of April 11, 2013
Memberships valid through Sept. 30, 2013

Academy HS Yearbook
Academy School District 20 Video Media
Alamosa HS Newspaper
Alamosa HS Yearbook
Arapahoe HS Newspaper
Arapahoe HS Yearbook
Arvada HS Newspaper
Arvada HS Video Media
Arvada HS Yearbook
Arvada HS Website
Arvada West HS Yearbook
Arvada West HS Newspaper
Basalt HS Newspaper
Boulder HS Newspaper
Boulder HS Yearbook
Brighton HS Yearbook
Brighton HS Newspaper
Canon City HS Yearbook
Castle View HS Newspaper
Castle View HS Yearbook
Cedaredge HS Newspaper
Cedaredge HS Yearbook
Chaparral HS Yearbook
Chaparral HS Newspaper
Chatfield HS Yearbook
Cherokee Trail HS Newspaper
Cherokee Trail HS Yearbook
Cherry Creek HS Yearbook
Cherry Creek HS Newspaper
Cheyenne Wells School Yearbook
Classical Academy Yearbook
Classical Academy Newspaper
Colorado Academy Yearbook
Columbine HS Video Media
Columbine HS Newspaper
Columbine HS Yearbook
Community Christian School Yearbook
Conifer HS Newspaper
Conifer HS Yearbook
Coronado HS Newspaper
Coronado HS Yearbook
Coronado HS Video Media
Delta HS Newspaper
Denver Center for International Studies Newspaper
Denver East HS Newspaper
Denver Justice HS Newspaper
Denver North HS Newspaper/online
Discovery Canyon HS Newspaper
Discovery Canyon HS Yearbook
Discovery Canyon HS Video Media
Doherty HS Newspaper
Dolores HS Newspaper
Durango Senior HS Newspaper
Durango Senior HS Video Media
Durango Senior HS Yearbook
Eagle Ridge Academy Newspaper
Eagle Valley HS Newspaper
Eaglecrest HS Newspaper
Eaglecrest HS Yearbook
Eaglecrest HS Website
Eaton HS Newspaper
Eaton HS Yearbook
Englewood HS Newspaper
Englewood HS Video Media
Englewood HS Website
Estes Park HS Newspaper
Estes Park HS Yearbook
Fairview HS Newspaper
Fairview HS Yearbook
Fairview HS Website
Fort Morgan HS Video Media
Fossil Ridge High School Yearbook
Fossil Ridge High School Website
Fruita Monument HS Newspaper
Gateway HS Newspaper
Gateway HS Yearbook
Gateway HS Video Broadcast
Glenwood Springs HS Newspaper
Grand Junction HS Newspaper
Grand Junction HS Yearbook
Grand Junction HS Website
Grandview HS Newspaper
Green Mountain HS Newspaper
Green Mountain HS Yearbook
Heritage HS Newspaper
Highland HS Yearbook
Horizon HS Newspaper
Jefferson Academy Yearbook
Jefferson HS Yearbook
Jefferson HS Website
Kent Denver School Yearbook
Kent Denver School Newspaper
Lamar HS Newspaper
Lamar HS Yearbook
Laredo Middle School Yearbook
Legacy HS Newspaper
Legacy HS Yearbook
Legend HS Yearbook
Legend HS Newspaper
Lewis-Palmer HS Yearbook
Lewis-Palmer HS Newspaper
Lewis-Palmer HS Video media
Littleton HS Newspaper
Littleton HS Yearbook
Loveland HS Video Media
Loveland HS Newspaper
Manitou Springs HS Newspaper
Manitou Springs HS Yearbook
Mesa Middle School Yearbook
Miller Middle School Newspaper
Monarch HS Newspaper
Monarch HS Yearbook
Monarch HS Website
Montezuma-Cortez HS Newspaper
Montezuma-Cortez HS Yearbook
Montrose HS Yearbook
Montrose HS Newspaper
Montrose HS Video Media
Mountain Range High School Yearbook
Mountain Range High School Video Broadcast
Mountain Vista HS Newspaper
Mountain Vista HS Yearbook
Mullen HS Yearbook
Niwot HS Yearbook
Overland HS Newspaper
Overland HS Yearbook
Palisade HS Newspaper
Palisade HS Yearbook
Palisade HS Website
Palmer HS Video Media
Palmer HS Newspaper
Palmer HS Website
Palmer Ridge HS Newspaper
Palmer Ridge HS Yearbook
Peyton HS Newspaper
Peyton HS Yearbook
Pikes Peak Prep Charter K-12 Yearbook
Pomona HS Newspaper
Pomona HS Yearbook
Powell MS Yearbook
Pueblo South HS Newspaper
Rampart HS Yearbook
Rampart HS Video Media
Regis Jesuit HS Video Media
Regis Jesuit HS Website
Regis Jesuit HS Newspaper
Regis Jesuit HS / Boys Division Yearbook
Regis Jesuit HS / Girls Division Yearbook
Roaring Fork HS Newspaper
Rock Canyon HS Newspaper
Rock Canyon HS Yearbook
Rock Canyon HS Website
Rocky Heights MS Yearbook
Rocky Mountain HS Newspaper
Salida HS Newspaper
Salida HS Yearbook
Sierra Middle School Website
Sierra Middle School Yearbook
Silver Creek HS Newspaper
Smoky Hill HS Newspaper
Smoky Hill HS Yearbook
St. Mary’s HS Yearbook
St. Mary’s HS Newspaper
Standley Lake HS Newspaper
Sterling HS Newspaper
Strasburg HS Yearbook
Telluride HS Yearbook
The Academy Newspaper
The Academy Yearbook
Thompson Valley HS Newspaper
Thornton HS Newspaper
Thornton HS Yearbook
Timberview MS Yearbook
Timberview MS Broadcast
Valor Christian HS Newspaper
Westminster HS Newspaper
Widefield HS Video Media
Widefield HS Newspaper
Widefield HS Yearbook
Wiley  HS Newspaper
Windsor HS Newspaper
Windsor HS Yearbook


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